PR4 Schools is the innovative communication and marketing solution for schools. This division of School Webmasters’ services for school websites is the answer to one of the most common problems schools face: how to implement effective, targeted, communication and marketing efforts within a system that will fit within their budget. 

The PR4 Schools program provides you with the feet on the ground you need to gather information and strategically plan and implement marketing and communication campaigns. Your PR4 Schools’ communication coordinator is supported by our staff of graphic designers, copywriters, and public relations specialists. They will have access to our proofing and editing services, in addition to our years of experience, as they help your school share your stories, successes, and specialized programs with your community in addition to keeping your website and social media relevant, informative, and current. 

How it works

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

PR4 Schools hires and trains an individual from within your local community to become your communications coordinator. (An involved and committed parent or PTA member is often the perfect candidate.)

Step 2:
Your communications coordinator will spend approximately one day a week on your campus(es) to keep information flowing by gathering stories, planning activities, implementing campaigns, coordinating your school communications plan, gathering photos, and taking video.

Step 3:
The communications coordinator sends our team of experts those great stories, successes, and news and we update the website, post on social media, and even help reach out to your local media outlets.

What else can a communication coordinator do for you? Together with our PR4 Schools’ staff, your communication coordinator will: 

      • work with school administrators to plan communications and content calendars that tie into your school’s key messages each year

      • help develop strategic 1-3 year communications plan for your school or district 

      • plan and execute campaigns to help accomplish your communications, public relations, and school marketing goals

      • review analytics to track your communication success and improve any weaknesses

      If you are interested in learning more about our PR4 Schools services, please complete our PR4 Schools questionnaire and we will provide you with the specific information that will best meet your needs.

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